You will be using just one disk in this experiment. That will be the one with the step pulley mounted on the top of it. If there are two disks on your apparatus lift them.... The experimental determination of the moment of inertia is only valid if friction is negligible. In Part III of the experiment, an estimate of the angular acceleration due.... Purpose: To investigate the moment of inertia of objects of various shapes ... Introduction: In this lab, you will conduct an experiment to calculate the rotational inertia ... Conclusion: Knowing that systematic errors are present from dissipative.... by D Whetstone 2005 From the experiment, we are given only height, time, mass, and radius, so we should rewrite our formula in terms of these variables. Given this.... Oct 30, 2014 Toward that end we will determine the moment of inertia for a rigid configuration of masses. As usual we will compare the experimental results.. Oct 26, 2014 In this experiment, our objective was to get the moment of inertia of a disk and a metal ring. We came up with values by using a rotating platform.... Jun 12, 2019 Prepare the tools and materials for the inertia moment lab 2. Take the A. OF INERTIA MOMENT MEASURING OBJECTS Figure 1. Results of.... Jan 9, 2015 Experiment 8. Rotational Motion: Moment of. Inertia. 8.1 Objectives ... In this lab the lever arm, r, will be the radius at which the force is applied... d9ca4589f4

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